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Laura Forrest Antie Ju Ju.... October 31, 2012
Your sister, Julie, passed away on Saturdy Pop....but im sure u already know that!
I remember she used to call me "sweet girl"...... I Love and Miss you both!
Timothy E Garrison My Uncle Mike November 6, 2011
There are so many good things I remember about him, They say teachers teach & doers do well to me he was both.We did so many fun things together & he past life lessons on to me that I am still passing on to my 10 year old son (Michael) to this very day.I will always be truely greatful to have knowed him , loved him,be loved by him  And very sorry the for rest of my life that I can't spend just one more day with him I LOVE YOU MY UNCLE MIKE!! TIMMY ( until we met again )
Mark and Tina Andersen A Good Man for Many Reasons March 10, 2011

Thank you for the space to leave these few words about a man I understood with very few words. Mike was always interesting, always had his own slant on how things are. He felt the need to be productive and that work had a place and a reason. He always did his best for us, and for those who came to depend on him. He always got a kick out of listening to me talk with the various people who made their way into our little corner of the world. I always got a kick out of how he would put his own twist on expressions.

What I do know is that he gave his all, and all he gave had meaning Thanks, Mike, for being part of our lives.

Roger Lippincott ..friend February 3, 2011
..when God calls us Home... the most valuable thing we leave behind is the gift He Himself gave us... our children... cU in heaven Mike...
Allen Martin Condolences February 3, 2011

I am very sorry for your loss. Your family is in our prayers.


Love, The Azevedo and Martin family

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