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Laura DiMille Whoulda Thunk It? November 16, 2018
Hey Pop!

Well, on December 22, 2018 I am starting my first Suicide Loss, Healing and Empowerment Peer to Peer Support Group.

Someone recently accused me of holding onto your death and suicide....and why would I waste my time working with other survivors to help them navigate their way through healing...and that anyone who kills themselves are sinners and sleep until jesus christ returns to judge them....and that any survivors should just buck up and get over it...

Good thing I am not about to abandon myself, my healing and all the other Souls that I am going to be able to assist in their journey of healing.

I think it is very sad that this person felt like personally attacking me in the most hateful way...just to make themselves feel better.

No one can ever take away from my experiences of our relationship since you left and tell me that they are not real....or that when you visit me in Dreamtime...that it is actually demons masquerading as you...Really? 

I have had overwhelming support from so many...I must not let this one narrow-minded and hateful person to crush my dreams of helping others.

I Love You Pop and I miss you very much.

Love, Laura

Your Daughter 7 years ago...Whoda Thunk it?! January 29, 2018
Love u Pop!
Lu Eckhardt Fifty Years Ago. February 6, 2017
Laura 6 Years Tomorrow?!?!?! January 28, 2017
Its been six years since you left Pop. I am Quantum Healing! I am preparing to journey Outward to help and assist others in Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One! Starting my peer to peer support group soon! I Love and Miss you So much Dad. Thanks for all the recent visits in dreamtime! I celebrate you Dad!
Laura & Ryan Brother and Sister... November 20, 2016
Loved your visit in dreamtime on Friday night Pop. Thank you for sharing with me...and the fact the i am able to witness the healing hug between you and little Ryan is Priceless! Has eased my Heart to Know that on some level...Healing....somewhere has taken place between Your Soul and Ryan's. Love You So Much!
I am Ever hopeful, steadfast, ready and Welcoming if...when? he is able to reach back out to me! <3
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